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  • Arsegan All-Grain Kits
  • Speidel All-Grain Kits

    Speidel all-grain kits contain all ingredients needed to brew 20 litres of unique beer. The kits are developed for the Braumeister 20 L, but can be used with a Grainfather or any other brewing installation. Available with the following beer styles: Festival Beer, Pilsner, Smoked Beer, Wheat Beer, IPA and Oak Flavoured Beer.

  • Arsegan Beer Kits
  • Brewferm Beer Kits
  • Bulldog Beer Kits
  • Mangrove Jack's Beer Kits
  • Mangrove Jack's Partial Mash Kits

    Partial Mash Kits use a combination of pure unhopped malt extract, grain and hops to allow you to build a beer with more complex flavour profiles, similar to what you would get using an all grain recipe. And it can all be made in a pot on your kitchen stove!

    Each kit also features yeast from the new updated Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Yeast range.