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  • Base Malts (Swaen)

    A diverse range of quality base malts, for all types of beers including Pilsners, lagers (light, amber and dark), ales (pale, amber, dark and brown), bitters, stouts and export beers. Made from the best European barley to our exacting standards.

  • Caramel Malts (GoldSwaen)

    Speciality caramel malts are made from the finest barley and roasted with the greatest care. They provide complex flavours from slight caramel sweetness to soft toffee notes. Our unique roasting process give a fuller body and mouthfeel, and better foam stability, so you can brew the best beer.

  • Roasted Malts (BlackSwaen)

    Intense premium dark roasted malts are created specifically for brewers of deep red, dark brown, black and fuller-bodied beers. Producers of porters and stouts will truly value the powerful colours, aromas and flavours of these very special malts.

  • Wheat Malts (WhiteSwaen)

    Wheat malts meet the demands of this growing beer sector. Crafted from exceptional Sealand Flandres wheat, the WhiteSwaen malts are produced to give you superb brewhouse performance, whilst maximising taste, aroma and mouthfeel, and delivering enhanced head stability.