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  • Dutch book! Discover how you can brew tasty beers at home - pilsner, ales, wheat beers, but also special beers with fruit, herbs and spices. The first part of Thuis Bier Brouwen is focussed on explaining all materials, ingrediënts and procedures of homebrewing. The second part contains 100 recipes from all over the world, including brewing tips and clear...

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  • Dutch book! From Lager to Lambic, from Porter to Pilsener, Bock, Bitter, Stout and Saison: there is a beer style for everyone to like. Beer varies from light and mild to dark and strong. It can be hard to find your favourite beer at the local shop, but this can be changed easily! Using this book you'll learn that making your own beer is easy and fun to...

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  • "Verander water in bier" will show you how to brew a tasty beer at home. As the learning process continues, the author is able to answer any question you could ever encounter. This book provides you with the most modern insights on how to brew the best beer at home. With some very good recipes. 184 pages. In Dutch! LOOK INSIDE

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items